Warehouse automation software

Warehouse automation software to unify physical and digital

Are you spending up to 40% more than necessary on operating your warehouse?

Harmonised eco system

  • Process optimisation has a noticeable impact on productivity, efficiency and operational costs and comes from harmonising physical warehouse automation and digital transformation.
  • Orquestr8 by Breathe Technologies is an AI driven software platform that simplifies the integration of core warehouse functions and provides a harmonised ecosystem.  It gives you more visibility and control of your operation so you can do more with less.
  • Orquestr8 is modular and scalable, built on .net micro services architecture, is cloud enabled with standard connectors to functions in physical and digital systems.

A smart approach to warehouse automation

Our in-depth understanding of automation across the core functions of the warehouse drives our approach to digital optimisation.  By controlling and unifying multiple automation technologies and offering data driven insights our clients have an holistic view of their fulfilment operation on which to base their decisions.

Read our case study to see how Ultimate Products saw a 300% increase in productivity with our automated fulfilment system driven by Orquestr8.

“Breathe software has been vital in removing unnecessary complexity and making more efficient use of warehouse resources, resulting in a substantial increase in our operational speed.”

David Bloomfield, Supply Chain Director, Ultimate Products.

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Pick Optimisation

Picking can account for up to 40% of the total cost of running your warehouse. It can be a labour intensive process, particularly at peak and is one of the core warehouse functions that really benefits from an optimised approach.

Orquestr8 Pick

An image showing a a warehouse with wooden pack benches along the right hand side and picking trolleys containing products on the left hand sideOur pick optimisation module delivers better performance, better control and more output from your pick function.  Its AI enabled heuristic algorithm calculates the shortest walking distance between each pick location learning as it goes and continually re evaluating the best walking routes. With it’s ability to also integrate with wearable technology and other picking automation Orquestr8 can reduce pick effort by up to 50%:

  • Reducing the time spent walking between pick faces
  • Improving user interaction at pick locations reducing the time required to scan and log a pick
  • Minimising training for new users with its simple processes and clear user interface
  • Integrating with picking automation such as AMRs and host IT systems
  • Integrating with handhelds and wearables

Data management and reporting

Know exactly what’s going on with Orquestr8’s real-time updates all accessed through one dashboard.  The collection and analysis of data is central to your smart picking process, and reporting functionality and device management options are all possible through Orquestr8’s management console.  Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and areas for improvement and change operational priorities straight away.

Our picking article provides more insight into picking optimisation.

Pack Optimisation

Packing can be an area where you win and lose customers, the right product packed in the right packaging with the correct paperwork is critical to a great customer experience.

Orquestr8 Pack

An image showing a person standing in front of a packing bench in a warehouse. They are looking at a computer screen and there are products on top of the bench.Our pack optimisation module is a scalable software solution able to grow with your requirements, so you get it right first time.  Orquestr8 provides a smart packing process covering everything from desktop printing to ship label application, including label and document design:

  • Integrates manual and automated packing machinery
  • Manages all print interfaces
  • Integrates with host systems
  • Reduces errors
  • Helps avoid marketplace penalties or expulsion

Collection and analysis of data in real time can be accessed through Orquestr8’s dashboard allowing you to make informed decisions straight away – your smart packing function will deliver better productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

“Breathe’s software has enabled us to treble the number of orders we can fulfil”

Terry Siddle, Director of Logistics and Distribution, Pets at Home.

Read our packing optimisation article for more guidance on smart packing processes

Despatch Optimisation

Are you still reliant on manual processes and separate carrier interfaces?  Are your labels compliant and accurate and are you meeting your marketplace targets?

Orquestr8 Despatch

A delivery driver is sitting in the drivers seat of a van. he is entering details into a mobile device and there is a box on the passenger screen.Despatch automates carrier communication for all sizes of retailer and e commerce organisations.  Orquestr8 despatch integrates with all major carrier systems via one platform, removing the need to manually input data into separate carrier systems. Save time and reduce errors:

  • One interface for all your carrier platforms
  • Auto retrieval of customer details from your order database
  • Appropriate carrier selection for each order
  • Auto generation of the correct labels and manifests
  • Correctly formatted shipment details sent to each carrier

Orquestr8 despatch integrates with your host IT systems and automated machinery using order information, volumetrics, type of goods and more to ensure your carrier strategy works as hard as the rest of your operation.

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