Range Plus

Automated warehouse robots that unlocked growth in e-commerce.


This rapidly growing online retailer found that manual order picking was holding the business back. 

  • RangePlus is a rapidly growing online retailer of toiletries, cosmetics, confectionary and groceries
  • Its Croydon fulfilment centre stocks around 243,000 products and handles over 250,000 orders per year
  • Manual processes were hindering growth, especially during peak demand when volumes double
  • Breathe Technologies previously designed and implemented an automated warehouse packing system (including our warehouse management software Packing module) which increased productivity by 25% and reduced operating costs proportionately.


We worked with our partners Geek+ robotics to create a cost effective, flexible automated warehouse picking system using Autonomous Mobile Robots. (AMRs)

  • An innovative goods-to-shelf robotic warehouse picking system
  • Uses Geek+ P800 robotic warehouse pickers and movable storage racking
  • Safety systems include light barriers and collision avoidance
  • Software intelligently optimises warehouse picking strategies and picking sequences
  • Seamlessly integrates with RangePlus’ legacy system

Geek+ are a key partner of Breathe Technologies with a shared commitment to warehouse systems innovation, return on investment and unparalleled customer service.

Working collaboratively, our teams designed and implemented an innovative robotic warehouse picking system.


The modular automated warehouse picking system designed and implemented for RangePlus is proving highly successful, optimising the business’ picking process and unlocking substantial benefits.

  • 300% improvement in picking rate and order picking time as well as reduced error rates
  • 50% more SKUs can be stored in the same space
  • The system delivered 100% ROI in under two years
  • RangePlus now have the flexibility to increase the number of storage racks and Autonomous Mobile Robots during seasonal peaks and as the business grows
  • The system can easily integrate with other warehouse automation solutions in adjacent processes (put away and packing) to unlock further gains in efficiency, productivity and ROI

“Breathe Technologies are helping deliver automated warehouse solutions that are efficient, cost effective and scalable. We’re now poised for rapid growth within the wholesale e-commerce sector globally.”   Shabbab Al-Ghamdi, Co-Founder, RangePlus